The Article Where The Website Owner Explains Where He’s Been

How the heck did you find your way to PAddictRecovery? What you are reading is the first article of a revamped website that was once known as RecoveringPornAddict. Most of the original guts are still here, but the epic project of transforming what was once just a blog in late 2017 for a guy simply trying to process early recovery into a professional website for a best-selling author, pornography addiction advisor, certified betrayal trauma coach and TEDx Talk speaker that is trying to make a go of this now as a career was not a simple task.

I want to thank my digital media manager for spearheading this effort. She’s done much more than just revamp the site. I’m now using social media and trying to utilize the Internet for more connection with people. I love WordPress, but I can get hundreds of more people reading shorter thoughts on Twitter or Instagram.

But it’s also hard, as somebody who has made his living has a professional writer since he was 17 years old, to keep his thoughts to 200 words. It’s damn near impossible. In the two months that this site was being revamped, there were many times I wanted to write at length about something either pornography addiction or betrayal trauma related and could feel the lack of an outlet.

I’ve Been Busy, I Promise

In the time I’ve been gone, I’ve done a lot of focusing on the betrayal trauma side of my coaching. It’s really just about the most rewarding thing I’m doing now. If there is anybody out there who is having trouble with their betrayal trauma, check out the coaching section of this website and you can also learn about the coaching I do with pornography addicts. I’ve been in both of your shoes and I’ve been trained how to help.

A warning to anybody who is a blogger. Recently, a photo I used a while back was flagged by a newspaper company as one I used without permission. So, they threatened to sue me. Don’t use photos you just pull off the internet, as tempting as it seems. There are plenty of royalty-free sites that allow you to use other people’s photos without payment.

I wish I had some amazing words of advice or encouragement today, but I used them up elsewhere. Instead, here’s a video for any of the women out there who are considering using a betrayal trauma coach, but aren’t sure if they should go with a man or woman:

Lead photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “The Article Where The Website Owner Explains Where He’s Been

  1. How did you settle on PAddictRecovery as the new name?

    I know some bloggers don’t think it’s a big deal to use random images. This is the first I’ve heard of a newspaper coming after someone.

    1. A friend also had it happen. I went with the domain that was already the Twitter, Instagram and email address I was using. The P can stand for porn, post-betrayal trauma, personal, and of course, ping-pong ball.

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