Please read the Disclaimer Page before proceeding.

You’ve decided you want to explore this method of support. Fantastic. Even if this ends up not being the way you find peace, you are to be commended for trying. You’re braver than you know for seeking help with your pornography addiction, for your partner’s pornography addiction, or for the betrayal trauma you’re dealing with.

First – Visit This Link for my Calendar — Choose the new client option and pick a time. Once chosen, a confirmation will be sent electronically. Joshua Shea will likely not contact you in advance unless something is needed. If you have the confirmation email, you are all set.

You are under no obligation to meet again after the introductory session. If you have decided you want to move forward together, we will construct a strategy of treatment for you. Our sessions will run 50-to-55 minutes and will be charged at the fee schedule below. I do not accept insurance.

TypeRegular PriceCollege Student/Over 65
1 Session$75$55
Starter Package (5 sessions)$325$275
Premium Package (10 sessions)$600$500

Please be aware I am in the Eastern US Time Zone, three hours later than the US West Coast and 5 hours earlier than London Time.

Payment is expected following each appointment via PayPal to or Venmo at