Joshua Shea speaking at TedX Hartford on December 6, 2020

Joshua Shea is an articulate writer, speaker and advocate who has made over 350 podcasts, television and radio show appearances using his personal story to promote the ideas that porn addiction spans all demographics and those with a problem should seek help before it’s too late, as it became in his case.

He’s also an expert at explaining the issue as it faces society (32% of men under 30 say they have a problem with pornography) and talking about what needs to be done to change things.

Joshua is available for public speaking appearances, including: television, radio and newspaper interviews, podcasts, YouTube channels and more. He is also available for private speaking engagements, so long as proper social distancing measures are followed.

If you would like to book Joshua Shea for an appearance, use the form on on the contact page to speak with him for further information.

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