From his memoir to educational resources for addicts and partners of addicts, Joshua Shea has written multiple books. All of his books are available for purchase on Amazon. Lean more about Joshua Shea’s books:

The cover of Joshua Shea's book 'Porn and the Pandemic'.

Porn and the Pandemic

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Porn and the Pandemic examines the early months of the exponential growth of Internet pornography during the time of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Author Joshua Shea, himself a former pornography addict, traces how segments of the population flocked to only pornography and tells the stories of those whose lives were impacted, including his own.

The cover of Joshua Shea's book 'He's a Porn Addict... Now What?'

He’s a Porn Addict… Now What?

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Admitting you’re a drug addict or alcoholic can be difficult, but when it comes to pornography addiction, the pain of betrayal can hit the addict’s partner worse than the addict himself. Difficult questions come rushing:

  • Does he look at this stuff because I’m not enough?
  • Was he like this when I first met him?
  • Is this God trying to test me?
  • What kind of help is available for him?
  • Am I just supposed to stay here and deal with this?

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I’m Reading This Book About Porn Addiction For a Friend

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According one recent study by the Barna Group, nearly 1-in-3 men under 30 believe they have an unhealthy relationship with pornography. With access to the most extreme sexually-themed material unlike it’s ever been in the history of mankind, it’s not surprising so many Millennials and Gen Z’ers grew up with the ideas, attitudes and behaviors toward pornography that they have. But what happens when they want to change things?


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